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Why Build Half an Engineer?

Alberta economist Todd Hirsch wrote a great article in the Globe and Mail this weekend that I hope every Albertan, especially Finance Minister Dr. Ted Morton reads before budget day. If provincial governments truly believe that postsecondary education is key to competing in the global economy – and they should – then properly financing it

Alberta needs to improve post-secondary access

The Government of Alberta released the annual reports for all 24 ministries including Alberta Advanced Education and Technology today. The report shows that Alberta is still making the grade when it comes to increasing access to Alberta's post-secondary system. Albertans were surveyed on whether they were satisfied that "adult Albertans can access education or training"

Great faculty make great universities

Our sister organization the Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations (CAFA) announced the winners of its annual Distinguished Academic Awards last week and we are happy to congratulate Dr. Carole Estabrooks from the University of Alberta and Dr. Paul Hayes from the University of Lethbridge on their outstanding work at Alberta's universities. Dr. Estabrooks is a

Province passes financial hardship onto students

Yesterday’s provincial budget made it clear that students were going to be the ones footing the bill for cuts in post-secondary education through increased student debt. Coming down at the same time as universities ponder dramatic tuition increases and new mandatory fees students, the cuts to scholarships, bursaries and grants will be felt hard on