The upcoming budget

Looking at all of the activity in Alberta politics over the past week it would seem obvious that we are not the only ones interested in the next provincial budget. The Progressive Conservative caucus held a two-day long meeting in Calgary last week to discuss among many other things the budget and it was revealed

Protecting academic freedom

A fairly interesting post on academic freedom was put on the popular blog Boing Boing over the holidays and is well worth sharing. In particular, I liked this quote from Cambridge University's Ross Anderson: You seem to think that we might censor a student's thesis, which is lawful and already in the public domain, simply

A good idea is building momentum

Linking increases in non-instructional fees to student approval was covered this weekend in the Calgary Herald and Metro. From the Calgary Herald article: The provincial government is getting behind a student proposal that would make it more difficult for universities and colleges to raise non-instructional fees. Three major student organizations are lobbying to close the

Changing the rules on tuition

Ed Stelmach’s cabinet quietly changed the rules around raising tuition in Alberta last Thursday through an order-in-council. You can read the new regulation and take a look at the news release that was put out on Thursday evening – but given the time of year and time of day, no one was expecting many news

Closer to regulating non-instructional fees

This morning's University of Alberta Gateway is covering a topic that has been at the top of our priority list since February - regulating non-instructional fees and ensuring that Students' Unions can send those fees to referendum rather than having them arbitrarily approved by a university's Board of Governors. The best news is that the

All about Alberta’s post-secondary graduates

The Government of Alberta recently released their survey of Alberta's post-secondary graduates that they do once every two years and there is as always some interesting facts about the class of 2008 that you might not have known. You can download it for yourself here (PDF), or just grab the highlights here (also a PDF).

Wildrose Alliance announces advanced education policy

The Wildrose Alliance just announced their advanced education policy at the University of Calgary, and you can also see it here online. This is the first of what will be many announcements about post-secondary education leading up to the next election. It is evident that post-secondary education is a important issue for many Albertans, and

Alberta needs to improve post-secondary access

The Government of Alberta released the annual reports for all 24 ministries including Alberta Advanced Education and Technology today. The report shows that Alberta is still making the grade when it comes to increasing access to Alberta's post-secondary system. Albertans were surveyed on whether they were satisfied that "adult Albertans can access education or training"

Alberta tuition above national average, other fees are the highest in Canada

Statistics Canada reported that tuition and fees at Canadian universities are on the rise, with Alberta above the national average in both categories. Average undergraduate tuition in Alberta is now $5,318, a 1.5% increase from last year. More worrying is Alberta's $818 in average non-instructional fees which leaves the province's students paying the highest non-instructional

Students welcome new scholarship honouring Dr. Gary McPherson

The Government of Alberta is establishing a new scholarship, named after Dr. Gary McPherson. The Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship will award up to 100 scholarships worth $2,000 each to students attending Alberta's universities, colleges and technical institutes. "Scholarships are an important method of recognizing excellence and getting financial aid to students," said Hardave Birk, chair