A good idea is building momentum

Linking increases in non-instructional fees to student approval was covered this weekend in the Calgary Herald and Metro. From the Calgary Herald article: The provincial government is getting behind a student proposal that would make it more difficult for universities and colleges to raise non-instructional fees. Three major student organizations are lobbying to close the

Changing the rules on tuition

Ed Stelmach’s cabinet quietly changed the rules around raising tuition in Alberta last Thursday through an order-in-council. You can read the new regulation and take a look at the news release that was put out on Thursday evening – but given the time of year and time of day, no one was expecting many news

Closer to regulating non-instructional fees

This morning's University of Alberta Gateway is covering a topic that has been at the top of our priority list since February - regulating non-instructional fees and ensuring that Students' Unions can send those fees to referendum rather than having them arbitrarily approved by a university's Board of Governors. The best news is that the

Wildrose Alliance announces advanced education policy

The Wildrose Alliance just announced their advanced education policy at the University of Calgary, and you can also see it here online. This is the first of what will be many announcements about post-secondary education leading up to the next election. It is evident that post-secondary education is a important issue for many Albertans, and

Alberta needs to improve post-secondary access

The Government of Alberta released the annual reports for all 24 ministries including Alberta Advanced Education and Technology today. The report shows that Alberta is still making the grade when it comes to increasing access to Alberta's post-secondary system. Albertans were surveyed on whether they were satisfied that "adult Albertans can access education or training"

Using Referenda at Alberta’s Campuses

We have been working on some research all summer, looking at the various referenda that have happened on our campuses since the 1970s. This came out of a conversation about how good a judge students are of fees that are proposed, and what would happen to student fees if Alberta moved to a referendum-only model

Alberta tuition above national average, other fees are the highest in Canada

Statistics Canada reported that tuition and fees at Canadian universities are on the rise, with Alberta above the national average in both categories. Average undergraduate tuition in Alberta is now $5,318, a 1.5% increase from last year. More worrying is Alberta's $818 in average non-instructional fees which leaves the province's students paying the highest non-instructional

Does a tax break create university access?

The CAUS proposal to end provincial tuition and education tax credits included in our budget recommendations has received a fair amount of attention lately. That might make some sense - after all it is not everyday that students call for the government to end a program. You can read the Edmonton Journal article on the

Our new home on the web

CAUS is happy to launch its new website! Included within our new site is all of the features of our old one, including all of our publications, political policies and our most recent news releases. As well, we will be able to highlight the issues we are working on and the issues facing our students.

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U of C student elected new CAUS chair

A new team of university student leaders in Alberta have started their terms and have wasted no time in getting down to work. The Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) met to discuss the upcoming year and the changes needed in Alberta's universities. At the top of the priority list was picking a new chair.