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Student Organizations Release Joint Publication on Student Mental Health

August 1, 2017

Edmonton, Alberta – Student organizations across the country today released a joint publication on student mental health, titled, Shared Perspectives.

The publication included contributions from the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS), the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA), the New Brunswick Student Alliance (NBSA), and Students Nova Scotia (SNS), and was produced with the support of the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations (CASA).

“Campus mental health remains a significant priority for students across the province,” said CAUS Chair Reed Larsen. “We are excited to see this collaborative project with our provincial partners come to light, and are proud to see students from across the country passionate about mental health supports for students.”

The publication sheds light on the limited successes and continued challenges facing students with regard to increased access to mental health-related services on campus by featuring case studies from each of the participating provinces.

“We remain focused on maintaining awareness around the mental health needs of post-secondary students, both on and off campus,” said Joshua McKeown, CAUS’ Interim Executive Director. “Students are encouraged by the recent funding announcement from the Government of Alberta regarding campus mental health, and look forward to being involved throughout the implementation.”

Moving forward, CAUS calls on the Government of Alberta to keep it’s commitment to per-student, long-term, and stable funding without reducing services on campuses and engage students throughout the process of implementing their new funding structure.

Shared Perspectives is the first time that all five organizations have formally collaborated, representing almost 300,000 post-secondary student voices through this publication.

For more information contact:
Joshua McKeown, CAUS Interim Executive Director
cell: 780-297-4531
email: josh@caus.net

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