Last week, the Council of Alberta University Students submitted our 2014 Budget Submission titled Alberta’s Knowledge Economy: Building the Future of our Province. For Budget 2014 CAUS recommends the following:

  • Tying tuition increases to CPI to ensure that post-secondary education remains affordable and predictable for Alberta students and the families that support them
  • Putting the tuition cap back into the Post-Secondary Learning Act
  • Establishing the Rural and Aboriginal Bursary promised in the 2012 election to improve participation rates amongst these underrepresented groups
  • Creating a new student employment program with an initial investment of $7.1 million
  • Targeting a new student employment program to long-term opportunities for students with direct links to their area of study and/or desired employment goals
  • Reinvesting in post-secondary institutions, and more importantly, ensuring that the funding model is stable and predictable
  • Establishing a long-term plan for investing in post-secondary, recognizing that it is the key driver of our continued prosperity

To read the full submission, download the CAUS document, Alberta’s Knowledge Economy: Building the Future of our Province.