We’ve been visiting MLAs from all four parties sharing our views on the budget – but far more importantly looking beyond the short-term and looking beyond the cuts in the 2013 budget and seeing what our system needs. And we’re getting support from all four parties for many of those ideas. What we’re sharing with MLAs is:

  • Keeping Alberta’s tuition cap to inflation as Premier Redford promised;
  • Investing strategically to increase participation by underrepresented groups in the post- secondary system;
  • Closing the legal loophole on backdoor tuition hikes through non-instructional fees without student approval;
  • Reversing cuts to student summer employment programs that work for both students and Alberta’s non-profit community;
  • Making student residences exempt from property taxes and investing those savings into deferred maintenance in residences;
  • Establishing the rural and Aboriginal student bursary promised in the 2012 election.

Make no mistake, students are extremely worried about the impact that the budget cuts will have in the classroom. This has been the biggest cut in Alberta’s post-secondary system in over 20 years.