All three members of CAUS are also members of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), a federal lobby group who advocate for students to the Government of Canada and we have had the fortune of getting together with student leaders from across the country at Mount Allison University to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead at the federal level for post-secondary education.

Despite what Canada’s constitution says, a lot happens in post-secondary education at the federal level, and even more happens in the grey world between the two levels of government which is why it is so important that CAUS and CASA have such an important relationship with each other – and CAUS have develop such important relationships with similar organizations like the Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations, the College Student Alliance, the New Brunswick Student Alliance, and the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance.

Of course, we would be amiss if we didn’t mention our best friends and allies from right here in Alberta, the Alberta Graduate Council and Alberta Students’ Executive Council, who are also here in Sackville along with CASA, looking at ways to work together in the year ahead.

You can read some of the coverage of CASA’s conference here.