The election campaign is only half done and we already have made a lot of progress! Thousands of students have signed the pledge and hundreds more are making the pledge each day – keep up the great work and make sure your friends know about the vote on April 23.

Your students’ union and the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) are not the only ones working hard this election to make sure students are heard this election and that our issues are being discussed during the election campaign. The Edmonton Journal wrote about the Get Out The Vote campaign as well as the 28 Faces campaign by our friends at the Alberta Students Executive Council. Check out their campaign at

CAUS has also been working with our friends at Apathy is Boring to make our Get Out The Vote campaign more effective. Apathy is Boring a non-partisan project to educate young Canadians about democracy and increase youth voter turnout, a perfect partner for Get Out The Vote.

Be sure to check out their fantastic infographic looking at the common question young Alberta voters might have when navigating the maze of figuring out how to vote!