Last night saw many students – not to mention many Albertans – tuning in to see the only debate between the party leaders during this election. For many, it was perhaps their first look at the leaders up close – after all every party except for the NDP are running with new leaders this election. Post-secondary education was a highlight a few times in the debate, notably with the NDP and the Liberals highlighting their post-secondary education platforms, and it is clear that post-secondary education is a major issue in this campaign, which should not be a surprise how many students are going to vote in this very competitive election.

With only eight days to go before April 23, all of the parties have presented the majority of their ideas and promises, including on post-secondary education. Finding out what different parties want to do after they get your vote is an important part of determining who you are going to cast your ballot for, so take the time to look at what the different politicians are saying and then make an educated vote.

It should be said though, that Alberta’s post-secondary education system is a complicated and big part of our provincial government, and it is really hard to boil down everyone’s concerns with getting in and going to school into just a few bullet points. You have dig to deeper to find for example that the Progressive Conservatives are also promising a new rural bursary as a part of their strategy for rural Alberta or that the Wildrose Party are promising that a energy dividend will help address the costs of education for students.

Getting a clear picture of a endless stream of news and promises is a challenge, so don’t be afraid to contact your local candidate, and ask them for their views on what matters to you. You can find out more information as well as how to contact each party from their websites: