John Dunsworth, the actor behind the character Mr. Lahey on Trailer Park Boys wants you to vote – yes, you!

John has been passionate about promoting voting and engaging citizens in the political process for many years, having directed the movie “John Dunsworth: The Candidate” about his own candidacy in an election before he found fame in Trailer Park Boys. And he isn’t the only one who wants to make sure Albertans, especially young Albertans turn out on April 23.

CAUS Executive Director Duncan Wojtaszek joined the panel discussing young voter turnout on Alberta Primetime last night. Everybody knows that this is the most competitive election Alberta has had in two decades and that no one knows the result on Monday night. Every vote is going to matter, no riding should be considered “safe” for the incumbent. Consider that an new voter who turned 18 was not even alive yet in 1993 when we had a election result that was not certain until the ballots were actually cast. A 18 year old new voter in 1971 when a government last lost an election in Alberta would be almost 60 years old today. This election is not just a rare occurrence – for many Albertans it will be the first time they have ever seen an election like this.

Check out the panel discussion on Alberta Primetime and make sure you get out and vote on April 23!