Students from Alberta’s universities have spent the week visiting MLAs at the Legislature all week just before the expected writ drop for the election. As MLAs prepare to leave the Legislature and head out on the hustings they have been looking to CAUS for input from students. We have been talking to them about four points that our students and Albertans have been highlighting all year:

  • Increasing Alberta’s post-secondary participation rate, currently the lowest in Canada
  • Clarifying the rules around non-instructional fees levied on students
  • Increasing grants within our student aid system
  • Making it easier for students to vote in Alberta’s elections

The upcoming provincial election offers the perfect opportunity to continue this dialogue out into our communities and engaging students and Albertans in the conversation about improving our post-secondary education system. Of course, CAUS is excited about the election too, as we are launching our Get Out The Vote campaign as soon as the writ is dropped. Already thousands of students have signed up, pledging to vote in the next provincial election and to make sure that they are heard.

To learn more about the Get Out The Vote campaign visit the campaign website at and download our lobby document to learn more about what CAUS has been talking about with MLAs during the spring session.