Monthly Archives: March 2012

Excitement is building for the GOTV campaign

Our announcement yesterday of already signing up 10,000 students generated a lot of excitement yesterday, with lots of coverage from Alberta's media but more importantly getting a few hundred more pledges. As our campaign enters the next phase we are going to ramp up our events and keep talking to students about the importance of

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Thousands of students sign up for “Get Out The Vote” campaign

The next provincial election being held on April 23 is about to get interesting. University students from across Alberta are pledging to vote, and with over 10,000 students already signed up, they are going to make in difference in this campaign. “It has been an extraordinary campaign so far, and we are just getting started,”

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Students are going to vote on April 23

The next phase of our Get Out The Vote campaign is starting off with a bang today, as we announce the number of university students who have already signed up to vote in the provincial election on April 23. Our campaign has been talking to students about the importance of the next election and making

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Election fever hits the Legislature

Students from Alberta's universities have spent the week visiting MLAs at the Legislature all week just before the expected writ drop for the election. As MLAs prepare to leave the Legislature and head out on the hustings they have been looking to CAUS for input from students. We have been talking to them about four