After a long and hot summer in Alberta, at least politically, the last of three different leadership races is about to come to a close. The governing Progressive Conservatives are going to the polls for a second ballot to pick their new leader and the next Premier of Alberta. Doug Horner, Gary Mar and Alison Redford are the final three candidates on a preferential ballot where any Albertan who buys a PC membership can cast their vote.

The winner of that race will join Dr. Raj Sherman, Danielle Smith and Glenn Taylor as new party leaders since the last general election along with Brian Mason who is returning as NDP leader. In each of those recent leadership races, post-secondary education has made it to the forefront in terms of policy and debate and it is good to see a healthy conversation about our university, college and technical institute education – a conversation that we hope continues into the next election.

For those of you inclined, you can take a look at at the three remaining PC candidates’ post-secondary platforms to see where they stand on the burning issues on our campuses:

Doug Horner
Gary Mar
Alison Redford

Of course elections and politics are all about choice – and each of the other political parties in the province also have developed policies regarding post-secondary education in Alberta.

Alberta Party
Alberta Liberals
Alberta NDP
Wildrose Party

Alberta’s political scene is more active and more competitive than ever before – and now, more than ever is the time to stand up and have your voice heard.