Every year our students’ unions hold elections for their executive positions. These elections are competitive and take more work than many might think. Thousands of students of vote at each of our campuses, and reaching out to that student body with ideas that resonate is a huge job. It also is an important one because in order to advocate on behalf of our students we need a mandate from them.

Congratulations to our new team and thank you to all of those who put their name on a ballot! In particular, CAUS would like welcome Zack Moline and Andrew Williams from the University of Lethbridge; Dylan Jones and Matt McMillian from the University of Calgary; and Rory Tighe and Farid Iskandar from the University of Alberta – these six student leaders will form the Council of Alberta University Students starting on May 1 when they take office on their campus.

Of course, we’re not done 2010/11 yet – CAUS’ most important event is still to come! Our 2011 Lobby Conference starts on Monday and we are planning to get the message out about non-instructional fees, student debt and voting in Alberta elections out to as many MLAs as possible.