Every year students from the University of Alberta, University of Calgary and University of Lethbridge head to the Legislature to press the case for investing in Alberta’s post-secondary system to MLAs and other stakeholders as well as get feedback from decision-makers on where our province is heading and what role they envision for post-secondary students and institutions.

This year’s lobby conference comes at a time where our province is facing considerable political change and huge challenges. To meet those challenges CAUS is presenting MLAs with four recommendations. We believe our recovery starts with making our post-secondary system more affordable and accessible for students – as well as ensuring our students are free of barriers to participating in our society both during their studies and after they graduate.

We are recommending:

  • Regulate non-instructional fees to prevent institutions unfairly gouging students;
  • Close the loophole around the tuition cap, guaranteeing the cost of education is predictable for Alberta‚Äôs students and their families;
  • Reduce student debt after graduation and offer more grants and bursaries; and
  • Make it easier for students to vote by allowing them to identify their ordinary residence and having polling stations on campus.

You can read more about our recommendations by downloading our brief to MLAs and of course the needed changes cannot happen without action – contact your MLA to express your support for more investment in our post-secondary education system.