It came as a surprise to many Albertans, including us, when Premier Ed Stelmach announced his intention to not seek another term as Premier of Alberta and to step down as leader of the Progressive Conservatives. He was always known as a sincere and dedicated public servant, one who put post-secondary education near the top of his agenda and presided over important developments on our campuses.

In his announcement, Premier Stelmach referred to the upcoming budget as one that would “be received by most as tough yet responsible. But it will not be a budget that guts funding to municipalities, mothballs health projects underway or halts school, and road construction at a time when people need work and the prices for construction are good.”

CAUS is looking forward to the coming spring session of the Legislature and the provincial budget that hopefully protects our progress at Alberta’s universities while laying the groundwork for a system that is even more affordable, accessible and better quality.

All our best to you and your family Premier Stelmach, and thank you for your tireless service for the past 25 years.