Monthly Archives: January 2011

The upcoming budget

Looking at all of the activity in Alberta politics over the past week it would seem obvious that we are not the only ones interested in the next provincial budget. The Progressive Conservative caucus held a two-day long meeting in Calgary last week to discuss among many other things the budget and it was revealed

CAUS wishes outgoing Premier Ed Stelmach the best

It came as a surprise to many Albertans, including us, when Premier Ed Stelmach announced his intention to not seek another term as Premier of Alberta and to step down as leader of the Progressive Conservatives. He was always known as a sincere and dedicated public servant, one who put post-secondary education near the top

Why Build Half an Engineer?

Alberta economist Todd Hirsch wrote a great article in the Globe and Mail this weekend that I hope every Albertan, especially Finance Minister Dr. Ted Morton reads before budget day. If provincial governments truly believe that postsecondary education is key to competing in the global economy – and they should – then properly financing it

Protecting academic freedom

A fairly interesting post on academic freedom was put on the popular blog Boing Boing over the holidays and is well worth sharing. In particular, I liked this quote from Cambridge University's Ross Anderson: You seem to think that we might censor a student's thesis, which is lawful and already in the public domain, simply