A recent poll of Canadians by Harris/Decima for the Canadian Association of University Teachers confirms what we already knew – Canadians and Albertans are looking for more public investment in their universities and colleges. The telephone poll of over 2,000 Canadians asked a series of questions – not just about post-secondary education, but on a wide range of topics – and here are some of the highlights:

  • Most Canadians want more investment in post-secondary education, even if it means an increase in taxes;
  • Most Canadians are worried about about post-secondary quality and that governments are not doing enough to secure taxes; and
  • Most Canadians support stronger links between industry and our campuses.

Although the next election is still months away here in Alberta there is no doubt that are politicians are already beginning to prepare their election promises and messages and we hope they listen to what it is Albertans are actually looking for when it comes to post-secondary education.

According to the poll, what is it that Canadians are looking for? The largest single answer was to lower fees (48%) followed by creating new spaces (18%), hire more faculty (16%) and support more research (13%). Those are all important recommendations from our perspective as students – and we are excited to see if Alberta’s politicians promise what people are looking for.

Harris/Decima Poll for CAUT (November 11-21, 2010)