Monthly Archives: December 2010

Canadians support investing in post-secondary

A recent poll of Canadians by Harris/Decima for the Canadian Association of University Teachers confirms what we already knew - Canadians and Albertans are looking for more public investment in their universities and colleges. The telephone poll of over 2,000 Canadians asked a series of questions - not just about post-secondary education, but on a

A good idea is building momentum

Linking increases in non-instructional fees to student approval was covered this weekend in the Calgary Herald and Metro. From the Calgary Herald article: The provincial government is getting behind a student proposal that would make it more difficult for universities and colleges to raise non-instructional fees. Three major student organizations are lobbying to close the

Changing the rules on tuition

Ed Stelmach’s cabinet quietly changed the rules around raising tuition in Alberta last Thursday through an order-in-council. You can read the new regulation and take a look at the news release that was put out on Thursday evening – but given the time of year and time of day, no one was expecting many news

Closer to regulating non-instructional fees

This morning's University of Alberta Gateway is covering a topic that has been at the top of our priority list since February - regulating non-instructional fees and ensuring that Students' Unions can send those fees to referendum rather than having them arbitrarily approved by a university's Board of Governors. The best news is that the