The Government of Alberta is establishing a new scholarship, named after Dr. Gary McPherson. The Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship will award up to 100 scholarships worth $2,000 each to students attending Alberta’s universities, colleges and technical institutes.

“Scholarships are an important method of recognizing excellence and getting financial aid to students,” said Hardave Birk, chair of the Council of Alberta University Students and a student at the University of Calgary. “I believe that Dr. McPherson would be proud to have these scholarships as a part of his substantial legacy.”

Dr. McPherson was a professor at the University of Alberta and an advocate for Albertans with disabilities prior to his death earlier this year.

“Students have been looking to the government to provide more bursaries and scholarships in the wake of last year’s cuts to non-repayable assistance, and these scholarships a great way to start,” concluded Birk.