The Government of Alberta has renamed Grant MacEwan College as Grant MacEwan University, the second such transformation in the last month following Mount Royal College being renamed Mount Royal University. The name changes at both institutions are a result of an extensive review of Alberta’s post-secondary system and are designed to be more reflective of the nature of the two institutions and the students that attend them.

University students across the province welcome the announcement. “With a clear majority of students enrolled in degree programs, the name change is a good fit,” explained Beverly Eastham, chair of the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) and University of Alberta Students’ Union VP External. “With the increase in demand for a university education careful expansion of the system is a wise move.”

The changes come during a period of economic downturn in Alberta and declining government revenues. Students are concerned about the impact of shrinking government funding at a time of expansion.

“Every degree offered at an Alberta institution, whether it is a brand-new university or a well-established campus, needs to offer a quality education to back up those degrees,” said Eastham. “We hope the Government of Alberta is up to the task of ensuring that the education offered at our universities is world-class.”